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A sparse electro-soul rumbler. Alicia's vocals effortlessly glide through a musical moody dreamscape that keeps you holding your breath. A terrific verse from BAM releases some of the tension, but captivates with his bravado that allows just the right amount of vulnerability to get his point across. Arguably the most commercial of the EP.


I can't breathe
at this moment I am sinking down
I look around I'm thrashing
I'm lashing out
tiring myself
wow what have you done to me?

I bet you were a good kid growin up
now that you're here maybe not as much
you don't do that to your girlfriend
your girlfriend
not that to your girlfriend
tell me
Scottie don't you go
Scottie don't you go
Scottie don't you go

There's no denying that
you're playing with me
got me thinking that
I'm all that you need
and she's not supposed to know
I can see her finding out
I remember in december maybe the first of september
we locked eyes
minds entwined
only yesterday
we were okay

As I recall your heart hurts and mine hurts too
I didn't know that lovin me
would be the thing that hurts you
but we took vows underneath the bleachers
my prom queen and them Vans sneakers
and my letterman with hair long
soft lips and you Nia Long
who woulda known that lovin you would be this hard
your heart beats hard
I can feel that
I used to feel that
Now you're out tryina find where the real at?
and it ain't hard to tell
that you used to dream of fairytales
but now you know that very well that love don't last and dreams they fail
to live up to their expectation
crazy was our situation
crazy was our passion huh?
every night was passionate
but maybe you better without me
maybe you doubt you
that's why you doubt me
hollerin screamin you nothin without me
better you left me right where you found me

cuz I'm not perfect
and I know that you ain't perfect
maybe you better off by yourself
somewhere in the city
chasing your dreams I'm chasing my dreams

Scottie why'd you go?
Scottie why'd you go?
Scottie why'd you go?

Sometimes I think that people
they have like they time


from Retrospective '12, released September 3, 2013
written by (d.errisson, a.randolph, BAM) BMI
recorded at Chateau Marie Studios, Los Angeles, CA, and Class Faction Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Mixed by: Syd tha Kyd for Odd Future Records
Rap by BAM
Background Vocals: Dane Diamond



all rights reserved


Alicia Eris San Diego, California

In the beginning of 2013, Alicia Eris began writing and planning her first solo music project titled "Retrospective '12," with fellow Class Faction member, producer/co-writer Dane Diamond. According to Alicia, "My new sound is a cross between the bluesy sounds of Amy Winehouse and the alternative-soul sounding group The Internet." The EP will be released in the summer of 2013. ... more

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