Retrospective '12

by Alicia Eris

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‘Retrospective 12” is an alternative, soulful album that is set to release online September 03 2013. The first single, “I Moved On” was released on July 30 to praise from music blogs worldwide and has been called “absolutely brilliant pop” by Crack in the Road. “I Moved On” is receiving local radio play on major radio stations in San Diego, CA.

Crack in the Road states that “Alicia Eris is a name to keep an eye out for”. The young artist is no stranger to the music industry. She began her recording career at the age of 10 as the founding member of pop sensation, Pink Army. There, she worked with multi-platinum producers and songwriters and was offered a recording contract with a major label at the age of 13. By 14, Alicia decided to pursue a solo project that would allow her to explore genres outside of the
mainstream pop world. She then joined the nationwide collective, Classfaction, featuring several artists of different genres coming together as one unit. “Retrospective 12” ventures into the Neo Soul genre and reflects her influences:

Amy Winehouse and The Internet.

Her video will be released this month and features Syd tha Kid from The Internet (part of the Odd Future Collective).

“Retrospective 12” tells the story of Alicia Eris and her year 2012. Other singles on the EP include the hip hop inspired “Scottie”, the soulful ballad “The 21st, and upbeat quick-witted Schitzo. Alicia is also set to appear on an upcoming NBC reality show, “Child Star” where cameras will follow her on her quest for success. She will also perform her debut single live on the show. Alicia is currently planning a national tour with Classfaction.


released September 3, 2013

Lead Vocals: Alicia Eris
Lead Guitar: Nathan Javier aka The Last Gunfighter
Bass: Maxx Diaz*
Drums: D On Drums**
Percussion, Additional Drums, Acoustic Guitars, Ukulele: Dane Diamond

All Songs Produced, Arranged, and Composed by Dane Diamond for Class Faction
Mastered By Dave Cooley for Elysian Masters

Management: Tina Bernard
Photography: Adam Hendershott
Design: Adrian Gonzalez
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS : Tina Bernard and Alicia Eris


all rights reserved



Alicia Eris Los Angeles, California

debut album, “UNIVERSOUL”, is set to release April 2019 along with a book of poetry titled “Heaven is a Mansion in the Stars.”

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Track Name: I Moved On
I know you from A-Z
but this is something new to me
where'd you pick up the audacity
how could you stoop so low
I'm tryin to figure out
how you could tell me you love me
then mess around
my back so easily
I can't find it
so for all that you've said and done

We're through
I'll find another
You can do whatever you want
Jump off a bridge
Try to stop a bullet train
I'm not cryin over you now
No, I moved on

I thought that we shared somethin beautiful
Yet all along my friends said it doubtful
I'm tryin to figure out
how you could tell me you love me
then mess around
my back so easily
now I'm blinded
So for all that you've said and done

It's gone
no longer new
she saw that through
what is the end of us
I hope is the end of you
Track Name: Schitzo
I'm goin schizo
goin schizo now
I'm goin schizo
goin schizo

I know
somewhere in this globe
there's a small child's glow
brighter than a rainbow
I also know
I got that same glow
when you're around

I can tell that you and me
we're gonna be
a little more than friends
so lets just pretend
there's something so unique
between you and me
it's so different
it could never end

Tell me why do I get scared of myself with you?
I gotta let it go
I just wanna be okay with myself with you
I gotta play it cool
I'm goin schizo
Goin schizo now

Sometimes I think about the future
livin in the past when
I'm caught up in the present
That's when you come along
guiding me straight and strong
I want you here
with me

Some days it's just so hard for me to be
I have ups and downs
yet you stick around
So human with my insecurities
yet you stick around
What was lost is found

It's a bad practice
to love someone
who's not allowed to love you
although I know you do
Such a painful game
but we play it anyway
not knowing why
until we cry
Track Name: Detonator
I've never had this problem before
It's like I feel I can always do better
or maybe now I truly care
I wanna make you something more than floored
I guess it's cuz I'm a go getter
or maybe cuz you're standin right there

Even for all the money in the world
or whatever it is people want
I'd still rather be with you
Oh Oh Oh
We didn't know this way it would unfurl
it's like inside of my heart there was a bomb
it went off when I first met you
I could take the stars, the sun, the moon in the sky
it would not compare
to the spark that you are
hey boy
you're my detonator
Even if you think I'm carrying on
watch darlin' I'ma prove you wrong
i know its hard but you gotta stay strong
I might be your detonator

These words
these thoughts
there just not good enough
I'm so messed up
from your soft touch
Countdown to the end of times
that I've always known
Stop drop cover then roll
it's my time to go

You dismember me
I don't know which way is up
your light is blinding
still I don't give a flyin @#!%
I've learned to love the bomb
I won't fight it anymore
you set me off
ring the alarm
I'm ready for war
Track Name: Dragons
woke up for the day
to chaos, dismay, hazed
man i didn't know we'd be terrorized by dragon fire spray
so freedom's gone away
now its cold monotony
damn there's no say left in the town
its up to me to slay

take a step back lemme do this on my own
I may be just a kid but I'm almost full grown
I just wanna play don't wanna be restrained
nothing but the music can take the pain away
I'm up Im down
these past four years I've been underground
tryin to find my way around this town
gotta do it quick cuz im bleedin out

I finally found
what I'm about
it ain't up to you to change
It's funny how
you think I care now
but I ain't gonna change my ways

stepped out to the store
knives guns galore
on my way, in the rain
a dragon came before
me, then he said
take that beanie of your head
ummmm change your style
take off those shorts
keep mediocrity fed

this society
is not who we wanna be
too mainstream
said the hipster
hey mister
okay to differ
bohemian grunge
and the a lister
people try hard to be original
its continual they make it typical to not be who theyre not
here in the digital
age find your place and don't be ashamed

finally letting go
take you to this place in my heart won't find another
I don't want you thinkin I'm someone else
I want you to see me for me

don't let it get you
Track Name: Scottie
I can't breathe
at this moment I am sinking down
I look around I'm thrashing
I'm lashing out
tiring myself
wow what have you done to me?

I bet you were a good kid growin up
now that you're here maybe not as much
you don't do that to your girlfriend
your girlfriend
not that to your girlfriend
tell me
Scottie don't you go
Scottie don't you go
Scottie don't you go

There's no denying that
you're playing with me
got me thinking that
I'm all that you need
and she's not supposed to know
I can see her finding out
I remember in december maybe the first of september
we locked eyes
minds entwined
only yesterday
we were okay

As I recall your heart hurts and mine hurts too
I didn't know that lovin me
would be the thing that hurts you
but we took vows underneath the bleachers
my prom queen and them Vans sneakers
and my letterman with hair long
soft lips and you Nia Long
who woulda known that lovin you would be this hard
your heart beats hard
I can feel that
I used to feel that
Now you're out tryina find where the real at?
and it ain't hard to tell
that you used to dream of fairytales
but now you know that very well that love don't last and dreams they fail
to live up to their expectation
crazy was our situation
crazy was our passion huh?
every night was passionate
but maybe you better without me
maybe you doubt you
that's why you doubt me
hollerin screamin you nothin without me
better you left me right where you found me

cuz I'm not perfect
and I know that you ain't perfect
maybe you better off by yourself
somewhere in the city
chasing your dreams I'm chasing my dreams

Scottie why'd you go?
Scottie why'd you go?
Scottie why'd you go?

Sometimes I think that people
they have like they time
Track Name: The 21st
rivers and waterslides and stuff
you called me but I called your bluff
You said it was wrong
why does it feel so right?

I'm lovin this feeling you give me
I feel gone even when I don't leave
If this is a way out then I'm in
will you take me away?

I wish you'd try it too
it's something you would like
I bet you fall just in love
like the 21st

Searchin for you my dreams of space n time
wherever you are feels sublime
I know it ain't wrong
its just a different side

these days go
like you came and left me
you're so fine
I know we'll meet in time
if this isn't goodbye don't save me
will you take me away?

I let you control
my one-sided road
you made me believe
you were all I needed
no heavens on earth
just cities of rapture
take me there
like the 21st

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